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Social Media Superstar Meghan Warby

19 Feb

Lunch with Mary 010

Date of lunch:
Monday, February 16th, 2009 (aka Family Day)

The company:
Meghan Warby and I work at the same company but very rarely ever actually work together. At work and also outside of work, Meghan is known as a social media genius (my words, not hers, but it’s true) and knows all the ins and outs of blogging and web 2.0. She even mentioned our lunch in her blog – I’m famous, my 17 year old dream is coming true! I thought a conversation with Meghan would help me to make my blog better and maybe even get some more people to read it. 

The food:
We ate at Sneaky Dee’s – I know, I know, all class. But neither Meghan nor I are ashamed to admit that yummy, cheap food is hard to turn down. I had the Eggs Benedict and Meghan had Black Bean Soup with nacho chips and a side of guacamole. We both drank water. Both of us have eaten these meals before and they tasted delicious as always – and we left VERY full. Total bill was $17 with tax.

The lunch lesson: 
My lunch lesson from Meghan is the creation of this section for every post!

The lunch:
I knew this lunch would be different than the others in that what I hope to learn from Meghan is not going to happen in just one lunch. I hope to continue to get tips from her about blogging and social media in general.

So a couple of Meghan’s suggestions that I will now do moving forward is adding tags to my posts to help with searching and also adding the “Lunch Lesson” section (as seen above) to each post where I will list the best/most significant/my favorite thing I learned.

Also Meghan gave me the links to some of her favorite blogs and I have been checking them out. I have even added some links to the bottom right side of my page so others can check them out too. As this is a learning process, I hope to continue to check out these sites and others, and make my blog the best it can be!

As Meghan continues to give me tips and advice, I will update this page with the changes. Meghan is my blog captain! I hope she doesn’t mind.

Oh and of course, being that it was a statutory holiday here in Ontario, we also took this opportunity and gabbed a lot about other stuff – girly gossipy stuff, which was sort of beyond the scope of this blog – but was definitely fun. And Meghan, being the awesome girl that she is, stuck a can of PC Spicy Black Bean soup in my mailbox at work on Tuesday, saying I shouldn’t have paid for lunch. Hilarious – what a gem!


Youth Pastor Matt Adams

15 Feb


Date of lunch:

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The company:

Matt Adams is the Pastor of Youth, Mission and Outreach at St. Paul’s Bloor Street Anglican Church. I have never really been to church, minus the few times I slept at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid. I thought I would learn a few things from this lunch. First of all, Matt is around the same age as me and I was just curious as to when and how he chose this path and secondly, I wanted to learn a bit about the church community and what it’s all about. I am not a religious person but am totally open-minded about other’s beliefs and was just interested in hearing from someone who obviously had strong convictions. This was also my first lunch with someone I didn’t know before – a mutual friend helped to put us in contact. So I guess the third thing I would learn was getting over my shyness about meeting someone new and not having a backup person to help me to get the conversation started.


The food:

We went to the Bishop and the Belcher at Bloor and Church for lunch. I had the Sante Fe Chicken sandwich with salad and Matt had the Buffalo Chicken Fingers with fries. I have eaten at the Bishop maybe 50 times because it’s so close to my work and the Sante Fe sandwich is my go-to meal so I thought it was great as usual. Matt seemed to enjoy his chicken fingers as well. Total bill was $25 with tax.


The lunch:

I met Matt at the church where he gave me a tour before we went for lunch. What an incredible building – it does look large from the outside but I was still surprised about how big it was once I got inside. There’s a full gymnasium in the basement, a small chapel, meeting rooms, the youth hang out room and tons more – a really great facility. After the tour we walked over to the pub and had a great conversation.


The first thing I wanted to ask Matt was whether he was “called” – how does someone at such a young age decide that they want to be a pastor? Matt explained to me how people are called to do this in many different ways. But for Matt he explained it’s a lot like any other job, you have to determine “Where’s your passion? Where’s your heart?” and to follow that. That really resonated with me as we do spend the majority of our adult waking hours working so it’s important to find a career that you are passionate about – whether in the church or in public relations. Matt said he started being more involved with the church and going on this path when he was 17 – I thought back to when I was 17, I think at the time I still wanted to be a pediatrician and be famous. I definitely didn’t know where I wanted to be or really where I wanted to go at that point.


Matt is also new in his role at St. Paul’s. He started in August and is beginning to apply to be ordained. Once that happens he will be able to perform wedding and funeral services, along with many other things. Matt is pretty excited to be able to be part of these important moments in people’s lives and be able to build relationships with people during these times. It seems that this is a big part of Matt’s job and what he enjoys most – especially building relationships with the kids at the church and helping people in a meaningful way.


With the youth ministry, Matt told me that they often discuss big questions and have great interactive conversations. Questions like “If there is a God, why is there evil in the world?”. No matter one’s beliefs, it is always great to have these conversations, question what you’re learning, discuss your questions and fears and come to your own conclusions and develop your own convictions.


All in all, it was a pretty deep lunch – lots of talks that really got me thinking. It was pretty weird to go back to work after and try to get my head into work mode and not this deep philosophical mode I had gotten into.



New mom Ali Piazza Kaniouras and baby Evan

6 Feb


Date of lunch:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The company:

One of my dearest friends from high school who is a brand new mom! Her beautiful and amazing son Evan was born in August. I thought taking Ali out for lunch would be a great chance to hear what it’s like to be a mom for the first time. And Evan came too – although he quietly slept the whole time in his stroller. Did I mention he’s amazing?


The food:

We went to Soho Bistro at Yonge and Lawrence in Toronto. Ali had a chicken quesadilla and I had the turkey bacon club on focaccia, both meals with mixed greens and I had a coffee. The meals looked amazing when they were served but we both thought it was a bit bland – needed a bit more spice, flavor or sauce of some sort – I’m not a chef so I don’t know what exactly was missing but it was something. Total bill with tax: $27


The lunch:

I have known Ali since the very first day of grade 9 (I seem to remember she was wearing overalls – Osh Kosh pinstripe) but I have never quite seen her in this light. She is so happy and at peace. Ali has always been a positive person but I think Evan has just put her over the edge to where she has found true happiness – as a long time friend, it’s a great thing to see.


But I did get to hear how being a new mom comes with challenges. Little baby Evan wakes up about every two hours EVERY night so Ali has not slept a night through in five months. He also tooted on my leg – but I was cool with it, the smelly bugger! Ali mentioned that everyone told her that her life would totally change when she had the baby. I have heard this too from many women at my work. Obviously her life has changed in that she’s on mat leave and almost all her time is dedicated to taking care of Evan but she seems to have taken the change in stride and the adjustment hasn’t been as life altering as she had anticipated. Ali knows that this may change once Evan starts crawling… and then walking!


When Ali first found out she was pregnant, she said the wave of emotion she felt was something she had never experienced before – joy, fear, anxiety, anticipation all rolled into one. But as she went through the pregnancy and right into the 18!! hours of labour – she said she was just amazed at her own body. I remember seeing her at about 8 months and I couldn’t get over her belly! So round and awesome – I could even feel his feet.


Ali’s parents live in Ottawa so I wanted to know if it was hard to be a new mom without her mom around. Us both being from Ottawa and living in Toronto, it is likely something I will deal with when I am a new mom (yikes – that is scary even to write!!). She does try to see her mom and visit Ottawa or vice versa when possible and her husband’s family is in town so that makes it easier. But I know I call my mom sometimes to remind me how long it takes to boil an egg so I am sure I will miss my mom and wish she was around more to check out a weird sounding sneeze or red cheeks or anything.


Ali has a glow about her and hanging out with her is like a breath of fresh air – her positivity is contagious. And I am so happy to have met Evan because now I just want to spoil him, hang with him and Ali and watch him grow up.



Evan and I – so smiley!